tisdag 1 september 2009


At Rumspot I'll mainly write about beverages - trying to make reviews from my point of view. The idea is to build up a registry about my own thoughts about rums, whiskys, beers etc. that I've tasted.

This is for myself - not only because I've a bad memory, but it's a hobby and I belive it may also help me develop my senses for tasting and appreciating what I drink. My reviews is also for other people interested in finding those extra tasteful drinks - no matter if it's a whisky aged in oak barrels for a longer time then anyone can remember, if it's the worlds most peaty whisky to be found, if it's a rum from one of those many exotic islands or if it's just a nice beer found at the local pub.

I will write about and review things that revolve around this subject. As everyone have a different taste for those things, my reviews will most certainly not be the absolute truth.

Important to mention is that I find myself being extra fond of rum - aged rum to be precise. Tried a lot of different brands from all around the world... and the trip to discover more and more continues.

When it comes to beer - I must say that I've never really been a big fan of "beer" in particular - but during the years I've discovered that my "branch" is belgian ales that often are sweeter then most others beers.

When it comes to whisky I'm more into the peaty-side, but can enjoy regular whisky as well. Islay and Higlands are my main districts.

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