tisdag 8 september 2009

Hoegaarden - Rosée

Hoegaarden - Rosée is a weise/wheat beer and a lambic with taste of raspberry. Really odd, yes... I've read a lot about this on the net and most people find it to be really bad. Well, I didn't expected it to taste like a regular belgian ale and I know that - if you do... you will most certainly be disappointed.

This one came in 25cl cans - the same size and shape as Red Bull. I drank it in regular a wineglass and I've opened another can a few days after the first one. Not bad, but should more be compared with a cider (not the dry ones, but the sweet ones).

Pink? Well, a pinkish color that tints to orange. It's not clear but rather murky as many wiese beers are.

Nose: It's sweet, but with hints of orange. Some regular notes of hops can be found, so it's possible to part the Hoegaarden from a sweet raspberry cider.

Taste: Raspberry and surprisingly not an overly strong feeling of artificially produced tastes. Actually taste more real than many softdrinks. Oranges can also be found - balancing the taste a little. But mainly this is a sweet drink... if you don't like that - skip this one!

Aftertaste: Not much new... the taste leaves pretty fast and only leaves the sweetness left.


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