söndag 29 november 2009

Rum Plantation Guyana 1990 Old Reserve

Rum Plantation have several different rums on the market. This one comes from Guyana and is a 1990 Old Reserve. Other Rum Planations are for example the Jamaica from 2000 and the Barbados Grande Reserve.

The bootle is at 45 % and matured in french limousin oak barrels.

Eye: Medium dark, golden and looks a little oily in the glas.

Nose: Raisin and druit figs. Some nuts and arrak.

Taste: A complex taste hard to identify. We have some figs, earth/gras. It has a dry taste and some citrus.

Aftertaste: It leaves a complex aftertaste and it really don't hold it together as the aftertaste suddenly dips and switches to new tastes. From grass and figs we get some dry, citrus taste instead.

This ain't a bad rum. It's one of the older Rum Plantations that's easy to find - still I can't say that it's better than the other Plantations I've tried. A complex taste that's not really kept together trough the whole drink - eye to aftertaste.

The grade has to come out of comparing to other rums and this one ain't really my favorite as both the Jamican and Barbados taste better than this. If you enjoy a complex and dry rum this might be something for you.