söndag 14 november 2010

Dipomático Reserva Exclusiva 12 años

I've had the 12 year old for some time now and got my hands on the little brother - the 8 year old "Reserva". Origin of both rums is Venezuela and they should be a blend of rums aged in white oak barrels.

Eye: Brown-red with lighter edges. Warm and looks delicious. Both the Reserva and the Reserva Exclusiva looks the same.

Nose: Warm, raisins and plums, sherry - a sweet rum.

Taste: A really smooth rum, with a full and warm body. The raisins and plums are there

Aftertaste: The raisins and plums develops into a rich aftertaste. Really smooth with no edges. A full aftertaste that's sweet and makes a really great finish.

A really good rum, very smooth and with it's full body it gets high scores from me. In comparasion with the little brother - the Reserva. The 12 year old is a lot better I must say. Well worth the extra money.


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