söndag 14 november 2010

Diplomático Reserva 8 años

Comparing the 8 year old (Reserva) with the 12 year old (Reserva Exclusiva) is a easy task. The older rum is much smoother and has a great aftertaste that last.

Eye: Brown-red with lighter edges. Warm and looks delicious. Both the Reserva and the Reserva Exclusiva looks the same.

Nose: Not as warm as the 12 year old and a alcoholic sting is present. Raisins and plums, sherry - a sweet rum.

Taste: The body is not as smooth and full as the 12 year old. A sting of the alocholic taste, disturbs the experience. The raisins and plums are there, but also a odd taste.

Aftertaste: A disapointing aftertastes doesn't leave much for the drinker. Well it's still some nice flavours still left. But the sting and that odd taste disturbs a lot.

Not as good as the 12 year old - Reserva Exclusiva. It's not a awful rum, but comparing the two makes is easy to chose. Still a rum that beats many others.


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