onsdag 2 december 2009

La Caracol Saxo Bio

Saxo Bio is an belgian strong ale at 7.5%. It's a blonde ale marketed as a ecological product.

Eye: Light color, golden yellow and foggy. It's has a large white foam and the look indicates a lot of bubbles.

Nose: Fresh summer ale, mango, lemon and pineapple. Sweet.

Taste: A fruity taste that comes out rather sweet. The mango, lemon, pineapple-taste. Pretty much bubbles and then some hops.

Aftertaste: A sweet aftertaste sticks in your mouth. Some lemon notes is left with the hops. Sweet but also a dry sticky feeling.

Fits for summer and should be served really cold. I prefer to drink ale that are not icecold, but this one just got too sweet when it got a little warmer. Not that much taste of the alcohol, a fruity taste that stays intact through the whole drink. Too sweet.


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